MTHS Class of 1957
50th Reunion

This page was last updated on September 11, 2006

 1st Reunion Committee: 
Meeting Held 9/9/06  
The first reunion committee meeting was held on Sep 9, 2006 at the home of Marie "Lawlor" Bevacqua. Marie and her husband Al provided an excellent environment for our 50th "kickoff" committee meeting with beverages and a outstanding buffet lunch.

The primary topic for this first meeting was to settle in upon a place and date for our 50th. This part of the task had actually started via email with several of the committee members exchanging ideas and responsibilities using email. When we met at Marie's the committee had obviously done their homework as they provided us with details on the food selection, size, price and availability for eight places. The committee reviewed all the details that were supplied and then put it to a vote. The final selection was for the Jumping Brook Country Club. A date was selected and the JBCC was contacted on phone and our date was found to be open. Marie and Al will take the final steps to confirm our date and get it placed on their books.

Several followup items were brought to the floor and discussed. These items will need to be reviewed, voted on and assigned to subcommittees at out next meeting. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

The day was concluded with dessert, coffee and tea and everyone felt at the conclusion that we had laid the foundation for our next big reunion event...the big five oh!

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