MTHS Class of 1957
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The Park Setting These 5 views of the area around our park tables provide a small idea of what the scenery was like that set the stage for our first Class of 1957 picnic.
The Early Birds The first classmates to arrive at the picnic site
Peggy Boeddinghaus Peggy Boeddinghaus was the next to arrive at the picnic site.
Johnny Lippert Johnny Lippert and his wife Sue were the next and last to arrive for the class picnic.
Jimmy Oertel And now we know why it says in the Odranoel..."Serious Sometimes..."
Rose Stavola Rose, reliving the past through the Odranoel
Janet Tencate Janet Tencate soaking up some "rays" as the temperature went up into the mid 60's
Roberta Burns Roberta standing still just long enough for a picture to be taken. She was a picture of energy all day. Arriving early to set up the tables with Janet and Rose.
Calvin Best Calvin Best and his wife Carolyn came the longest distance to attend the picnic.
Misc. group picture A picture taken at the picnic table with Roberta, Peggy, Ed and Calvin.  Rose, Jimmy & Janet in the background.
Misc. group picture Another picture of the group around the picnic table.
Misc. group picture Another group picture taken at the picnic table.  Roberta's husband, Nino, is seated at the front left of the picnic table.
Misc. group picture Rose Stavola, Johnny Lippert and Calvin Best out for a walk around the lake.

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