MTHS Class of 1957
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MTHS Today (view 1) This picture and those that follow do not qualify as being a "blast from the past". However I thought that some of our classmates, who have moved out of state, might find them interesting. This is a view looking west parallel to Leonardoville Rd (to my right). This is the new Bayshore Middle School which was added on to the old MTHS building
MTHS Today (view 2) This view is just to the left of the view above, and shows some of the field where our great football team got our blood rushing and made us proud
MTHS Today (view 3) This view is looking at the opposite side of view 1, with me now facing east. There is considerable construction going on all around the school.
MTHS Today (view 4) In this view I am standing in the same location as view 3, but now looking south-west at one of the earlier additions made to Bayshore Middle School. Much more evidence of the construction that is going on is apparent in this view.
MTHS Today (view 5) In this view I am standing out on Leonardoville Rd. and facing what used to be the majestic front doors to MTHS. That view no longer exists, and we now see the original addition to the Bayshore Middle School that was added on to that part of MTHS where the front doors used to exist.
MTHS Today (view 6) This is the same as view 5, but viewed from the corner of Hosford Rd. and Leonardoville Rd.
MTHS Today (view 7) This is the same as view 6, but a wide angle view. To the far right in this view is part of the grounds where our High School building used to stand, now demolished.
MTHS Today (view 8) This view is taken from out on Hosford Rd., looking east. This plot of dirt is where a large portion of our High School used to stand.
MTHS Today (view 9) This view is taken from the far right hand side of view 8, looking back north towards Leonardoville road showing the same plot of dirt as view 8 from a different perspective.
MTHS Today (view 10) This is a diagonal view from out on Hosford Rd. looking south-east at the old grade school. This school was eventually changed over to become part of our High School complex during our years of attending MTHS.
MTHS Today (view 11) This is a view looking straight east from Hosford Rd. with the old grade school to the right. Straight ahead would have been the fields where we had phys. Ed.
MTHS Today (view 12) This view is a test of everyone's memory. It was taken from the corner of Hosford Rd. and Leonardoville Rd. with the school out of view on the right, looking diagonally down Leonardoville Rd. One of these houses used to be the little candy store that so many of us frequented in the morning before classes and in the evening while waiting for the bus to arrive....darn if I can remember which house????

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