Judy Scott's Scrapbook

Another blast from the past out of Judy's scrapbook.  A little relaxation at the Middletown Bowling Lanes the night of the Junior Prom.  Probably in the May, 1956 time frame.
See how many faces you can recognize.  Here's how Judy's memory brings them back.
FRONT ROW (left to right): Karen Hyers, Marlene Musante, Joyce Hyers, Unknown, Joe McDermott, Sue Mueller, Frank Connelly, Judy Scott
BACK ROW (left to right): Dick Poole, Unknown, Bev Lyons, Lloyd Bradbury, John Isaksen, Henry Barkei, Rudy Scalzo, Eleanor Gallagher

This picture was taken sometime during 1957....Hey Judy!...all I see is backsides!!

Judy and Steve Dill both live in Arkansas now.  They recently had a lunch time reunion of their own in preparation for our coming event in October 5th.