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This page has been made available for YOUR memory trip. If you have any pictures from this time period that you believe would add to these enjoyable "memory trips", please contact Ed Finn at and make arrangements to have copies placed in YOUR picture archive......Enjoy your trip!

Last updated on May 13, 2005

  Judy "Scott" McGee
& Fran Connolly
Judy has provided us with another of her great pix. This time she is seen with classmate Fran Connolly...thanks again Judy for keeping our archives updated, and a big hello to Fran from all your classmates.
  The Champs Carl Scaturo is interested in seeing how well your memory serves you. Contact Carl and let him know how many faces you can recognize in this memory lane picture he supplied.
  Cal Best &
Bob Purdy
On a recent trip through Washington DC, Calvin dropped in on Bob Purdy and received a guided tour of Bob's contributions at the Smithsonian Institute.
  More Pix from our
45th Class reunion
We have Don and Jil VonOhlen to thank for these great photos taken during our 45th Class Reunion......THANK YOU JIL!
  The 1953 Klarion The Keansburg Grade School year book from 1953.  There are several pages missing from this copy.  If anyone can supply the missing pages, please contact Calvin Best.
  Bob "Shark-Tooth" Purdy Bob Purdy sends along greetings to all his classmates and provides some insight into some of the work related things that have kept him active since June of 1957!
  MTHS '04 Spring Get-Together Pictures from the April 17, 2004 MTHS Spring Get-Together held at Moores Tavern in Freehold.
  Geraldine Kalman Classmate Geraldine Kalman passes along Seasons Greetings from somewhere out in the warmth of the Philippines.
  Fall Picnic (2003) The MTHS Class of 1957 - 2003 Annual Fall Picnic held at Turkey Swamp Park.
  Joe & Carl Joe Hanser and Carl Scaturo recently had a mini reunion at Carl's house.  Joe and Carl wish the best to all their classmates.
  45 Years elapsed! Once again we have to thank Izola Gallagher for her many contributions to our Photo Archive.  This picture was taken on September of 1958.  Happy Anniversary to Archie and Brenda Black
  More from Judy's Scrapbook More nostalgia from the past brought to us by Judy Scott
  Then Vs Now Thanks go out to Judy Scott for another trip back into the past with an interesting twist that connects us to the present!
  The Military Lorraine (Haas) Truitt brings back memories with this picture of 3 classmates that went into the armed service.  Can you put names to the faces?
  The Big 17 Funny.....I don't remember being invited to this birthday party!  How many faces can you recognize?
  A letter from Carol Mueller Carol Mueller had originally registered for our 45th Class Reunion.  As is often the case, things can change at the last minute.  Here is a letter from Carol which gives us all a nice capsule view of her life since 1957.
  Our MTHS "Beat Cards" Joanne Donato and Izola Gallagher bring back memories with several of the "Beat Cards" that were used to build the excitement of our upcoming football games.
  Running for health and MTHS 1957 On April 28, 2002, our own Brian Schoonmaker battled the elements during the NEW JERSEY SHORE MARATHON.  In spite of extremely difficult weather condition, Brian still found time to give our class some publicity during the run.
  Victor Appaneal and Carol Once again, thanks go out to Izola Gallagher for this picture of classmate Victor Appaneal and Carol (circa 1957).
  Brian's story Here's a side of Brian Schoonmaker that many of us may not have known...Brian the story teller!
  The May-June 1957 Lion's Roar Our school newspaper from that magical period just before graduation
  The 1953 Barker If you've been enjoying the pictures here in this archive, then you will really enjoy this one.  Many thanks have to go out to John Johnson for keeping this treasure.  "The Barker" is the Leonardo Grade School Year Book....Enjoy!
  Hello from Massachusetts Don Ast and Betty Hammesfahr Ast send best wishes to all their classmates and are looking forward to meeting everyone at the reunion
So who's the dancer? Here's a couple more images submitted by Izola
Johnny Zielinski's Scrapbook Thank's to Johnny's sister Delores, we have these early pix of Johnny
Izola Gallagher's Scrapbook Izola Gallagher from the class of 1958 has contributed to our archive with a collection of images that many of our classmates will find interesting
  John Johnson's Scrapbook Johnny has supplied us with some photographic memories of our Washington Trip
More Nostalgia I'm sure that many of you will remember this item from 1957, but the real question is "who does the mystery finger belong to?  The correct answer could win you a ride in Dutch Uhrig's 1957 Edsel!
Judy's Scrapbook Judy Scott supplied us with some 1956-1957 photographic memorabilia as well as a recent photo
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If you enjoy these little trips back in time, see if you can remember this event that was scheduled on May 10th, 1957!
Bill Pintard Bill Pintard extends a big " are you!" to all his classmates from his home in Oregon.  We hope Bill will be able to make the 45th reunion in October.
A Sep. 11, 2001 Story A wedding that will never be forgotten!
Memory Tickler How many classmates remember this little piece of nostalgia that each of us received back in 1954.  I searched for mine, and although I know I have it somewhere, couldn't find it.  How many of you still have yours??
Fairview GS Class of '53 The graduating class of 1953 from Fairview Grade School
Booklet Page 1    Booklet Page 2
Booklet Page 3    Booklet Page 4
Our Graduation Exercises Booklet - June 19, 1957, 6:30PM EDST
The 1982 25th Reunion We thank Rose Stavola and Dutch Uhrig for this photo of the 25th reunion held in 1982 at Cervino's (formerly The Cobblestones) on Route #35 in Middletown
High Flying Dutch We all have developed hobbies to suit our various interests, but Dutch Uhrig takes his hobby to "the limits"
More Washington D.C. Pix Another picture taken on our class trip to Washington D.C. Supplied by John Johnson. Let's see if you can put names to the faces!
Mystery picture ??? This picture contains two of our classmates, see if you can pick them out!  Post your best guess on the bulletin board.
Steve Dill & Grandchildren Steve Dill and grandchildren soaking up the Arkansas sun
The 1931 High School Many will find this very interesting reading.  The picture and article were copied directly from the 1931 ODRANOEL
Golden Oldie 1957 - Ed Finn wearing graduation cap and proudly resting on his 1955 Chevy
Golden Oldie No Date - Left to Right Janet Tencate, Barbara Giamo, Peggy Boeddinghaus
Golden Oldie 1956 - Janet Tencate and Bob
The Picnic A photographic documentation of our October 20, 2001 picnic at Turkey Swamp Park
Washington D.C. (Far Right) This is one of four images that were scanned from our panoramic class trip picture in front of the capitol building in Washington DC.
Washington D.C. (Center Right) This is one of four images that were scanned from our panoramic class trip picture in front of the capitol building in Washington DC.
Washington D.C. (Center left) This is one of four images that were scanned from our panoramic class trip picture in front of the capitol building in Washington DC.
Washington D.C. (Far left) This is one of four images that were scanned from our panoramic class trip picture in front of the capitol building in Washington DC.
Home Room 11 This image was taken from the photograph used in the 1956 ODRANOEL, and shows the Juniors in Mr. Meinert's Homeroom 11.
MTHS Today A collection of images taken on 10/14/01 that show the present day site of what was "Our High School"

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